Jack and Friends

Jack is the new guy on the block, a gregarious and animated character with a great sense of fun about him, someone who regularly saves the day for people in his community. His key strength is his ability to lift heavy loads, and this provides a wealth of material for his many and varied exploits, both at work and play. Along with his friends, Jack takes the reader through a series of unique and stimulating situations. Jack and Friends targets the shortfall in children s books for young boys aged 5 to 9 years and fits into the Thomas the Tank Engine genre. It features intelligent storylines and employs a 21.6 cm (8.5 inch) square format, with 40 large full colour illustrations by the talented Shirley Chiang. Using pen, ink and acrylics, Shirley has created imagery that is rich in character and soul. The accompanying text has been carefully harmonised with the illustrations and given a uniform level of reading difficulty throughout.

Julian Bonser Books
Julian Bonser