I've written another story about a few funny experiences that I've had in attending weddings.
One in the UK - I wasn't very good at helping the bride making wedding cupcakes. The groom jammed his left hand when closing car boot just missing the ring finger, and most bride's family and friends nearly didn't make it to the wedding because we all got lost in a forest park on the wedding day morning.

Ben Nevis

I've had another article published in United Daily News, which is about my camping/hiking trip in Ben Nevis, Scotland.
We travelled from Staines, England. It had taken us quite a journey to get to Fort William, Scotland.
We didn't take the car. We went by public transport and I think in that 5 days I had walked more then 100 miles...
I think travelling with the right person is very important.

The latest evolution of Nian, the Chinese New Year monster

I was invited by United Daily News in Taiwan to write and illustrate Nian, the famous Chinese New Year monster.

It used to eat people and destroy buildings and crops during the end of winter/beginning of spring until humans came up with methods to scare it away for good by making very loud noises e.g. displaying firecrackers and chopping pork into mince (to make dumplings), which are part of the Chinese New Year traditions.

I've visualised my version of modern monster of Nian, which is a couch potato and addicted to mobile and internet.

Mr R

I've written a newspaper article to describe one of the German guys I know, who has the most outrageous behaviours when he's drunk.
The article was written in Chinese and published on 6 Oct, 2016.

The text is as below:






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