Shirley the Professional Illustrator

Shirley has been a professional freelance illustrator, working since 1997 for international publishers and authors. Her work has been included in nationally distributed Taiwanese newspapers, magazines as well as books with topics ranging from Childrens stories, self help series, finance, business, literature, Life style, education and Buddhist philosophies.

江長芳,旅英國際插畫家,與臺灣、歐洲、澳洲、美加、亞洲的出版社、作家及私人客戶合作,繪製插畫。長芳的插畫風格與她的人格特質對等:流暢、不受拘束、帶著一絲幽默。 作品風格詼諧,喜用活躍的線條及水彩表現,尤其喜歡在細節的地方暗藏驚喜,讓各位看官有一種尋寶的感覺。

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